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Dye Penetration Test

The dye Penetration test or liquid penetration test conforms to ASTM standard E1135. ASTM E1417/E1417M & ASTM E165. The liquid penetration test is a reliable and cost-effective method for the detection of surface flaws on metals & welded joints as well as ceramic products.

UTG – Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Test

Ultrasonic thickness gauge (UTG) can measure the wall thickness of materials like steel, iron, plastic, and other materials using ultrasonic technology. It is a suitable test to calculate the effects of corrosion and erosion in steel tanks, pipes, and other structures where one-sided surface access is available. The test conforms to ASTM standard ASTM E797.

Measurement of Coating Thickness

This is a non-destructive testing method for coating thickness measurement on all metals. The non-destructive measurements of coating on metals is a fast and authentic method used in industries worldwide under ASTM standard designation ASTM E797.

Magnetic Pull-off Coating Thickness.

This is a non-destructive method for the measurement of non-magnetic coating thickness of paint, enamel, and hot-dip galvanizing on steel for very small parts accurately especially in auto and aircraft industry, Conforms to ASTM standard D7091 and B499.

Surface Profile Gauge Measurement for Blasted Steel & Textured Coating

SPG test is used to measure peak to valley surface profile heights in the preparation for coatings and different surfaces as per ASTM standard D4417 in metal and mechanical industries and manufacturing factories.

Concentrations of Salt on Metal Surface

The test is used for measurement of soluble salt (SST) contamination on metal surfaces. This test conforms to ISO 8502-6 and 8502-9 also ASTM standard D4940. This test is widely used in fertilizer & chemical plants and on steel/metal structure in coastal regions.

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