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Laboratory Testing

Our team of engineers, scientists, and technicians by our accredited in-house material testing laboratory provide a wide range of material testing to our clients. Our goal is to provide reliable and efficient service to achieve a tough project schedule. Our expert team can work multiple shifts to meet tight deadlines.

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Geotechnical Investigation

Geo-technical Engineering Geotechnical Engineering

The Building Standards Company has in-depth knowledge of soils and site characteristics for the Geotechnical design of foundations. It is essential to ascertain whether the soil and site characteristics are suitable for the engineering design of any particular project site. Building Standards can provide reliable site evaluation and design consulting services in the earliest stage of project planning & design for new and redesign of the existing structures.

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Field Testing

We have more than 19 years of record in providing efficient and reliable services in-field testing. Our mobile laboratories and competent staff have successfully provided field testing services to hundreds of projects all over the country. Building Standards provides quality control construction testing and inspection.

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Chemical Testing

Building Standards is equipped with the most advanced and modern chemical testing equipment for potentiometric analysis of soil, water, detergents, oils, and food processing materials. We use the latest Hanna equipment for analysis and testing in the following areas...

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Pavement Investigation & condition survey

Our field team is well equipped with reliable and modern equipment specially designed to collect samples from the field. Our lab facility has the capability to perform all necessary tests to provide the failure analysis of flexible & rigid pavements (Roads, all fields & runways). We help the engineers to formulate the design and remedial measures for repairs and rehabilitation of damaged roads and runways.

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Concrete Testing

A wide range of concrete testing including pre-construction and post-construction destructive and non-destructive tests are offered in very economical packages. From extraction of cores from 52 mm dia up to 150 mm dia cores from an existing concrete structure and their testing as per BS and ASTM Standards. Concrete material tests with the facility of concrete Mix design to your requirements as per ACI 318.

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Soil Testing

Building Standards has a track record of providing soil / geotechnical investigation services for 19 years and more than 1900 projects to its credit. Our expert field team can collect accurate information for the physical properties of soil at construction sites and collect samples from soil/rock strata at any drilled depth. For reliable and accurate test results our lab facility can handle soil/rock and chemical samples. The report of soil investigation is completed and written by highly qualified and expert Geo-technical engineers.

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Ferroscanning of RCC Structure

Ferro scan is an NDT analysis and performed on the concrete structure using state-of-the-art Hilti and Proceq equipment. This test provides information regarding steel reinforcement diameter, spacing, and concrete cover. It provides 3D visual scan images to determine reinforcement steel details in RCC structure. This test is an effective means for details of reinforcement steel in any concrete structural member.

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Corrosion Analysis

Profometer is the most accurate non-destructive method for the information concerning corrosion activity of steel embedded in concrete. This test may be used at any time during the life of the concrete member. It is an excellent test for corrosion analysis and is used for in-service evaluation of the structural strength of concrete. The test results are very accurate and can be used for analysis, research and development works.

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Chloride ion Penetration Test

1. Used for quality control and concrete mix design applications.
2. Provide surface resistivity indication of concrete ability to resist Chloride ion Penetration.
3. More reliable results with the latest equipment.

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Concrete Resistivity

Complete comprehensive electrical resistivity solution for concrete durability testing with the highest resolution surface resistivity instrument. Ideal test method for use in quality control programs and performance-based solutions.

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Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test

This test is widely used for the estimation of the strength and durability of concrete structures. This test can also be used for evaluation of homogeneity and uniformity, presence of cracks, voids, and deteriorated regions of concrete. It gives reliable results of dynamic measurement of size and depth of cracks. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity can also be used to calculate the elastic modulus of concrete.

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Rebound Hammer Test (Schmidt Hammer)

For a quick and general assessment of concrete compressive strength, a rebound hammer test is used all over the world. The commonly used testing facility provided to the site at very economical rates with the highest level of accuracy

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Fire Damage Evaluation

A complete range of testing is available for the evaluation of fire-damaged structures. Our services in this sector are available from preliminary site investigation to the detailed examination of structure for the extent of damage and its serviceability. Additionally, services for the rehabilitation and retrofitting design of the fire-damaged structures are provided under the same setup...

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Active & Passive Fire Safety

We offer active and passive fire safety design and supervision for building and provide automation building design for both pre-construction design and post-construction status to facilitate the customer requirements as per international standards. We also offer cost-effective and efficient fire safety material supply guideline to meet the latest UL, NFPA and ASTM Standards.

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Pullout Test

Customized pull-out test services are available, starting from very small anchor bolts to large-scale bolts up to 50mm dia installed in concrete and rock surfaces. Pull Off testing as a semi-destructive test for concrete can also be performed under a similar setup. We are a certified agency to perform pull-out tests for anchor bolts and chemical anchoring systems.

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Non-Destructive Testing

1.Dye Penetration Test.
2.UTG-Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Test.
3.Measurement of Coating Thickness.
4.Magnetic Pull-off Coating Thickness.
5.Surface Profile Gauge Measurement for Blasted Steel & Textured Coating.
6.Concentrations of Salt on Metal Surface.

CAPO test for determination of compressive strength of concrete

Capo test is a post-installed pull-out test with ASTM Designation C-900 and Euro Standard EN 12504-3 performed to obtain a reliable estimate of in-place compressive strength of old concrete. Capo test is an excellent choice for structural assessment of compressive strength of concrete where concrete cores are difficult to obtain and at places where damages to steel reinforcement can be highly critical especially in old bridges with the carbonated surface layer.

Carbonation depth in hardened concrete

The test is used to determine carbonation depth in concrete structures that have suffered or may suffer damage or deterioration due to calcite and other alkali-carbonate products resulting from exposure to moisture and chemical attack. Presence of oxygen and moisture due to carbonation results in corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement in concrete. This test is used to detect carbonation activity at earlier stages in old concrete structures especially bridges and concrete structures exposed to chemically corrosive environments of fertilizer plants and the textile industry.

Structural inspection & stability certification

Building Standards has state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to inspect the concrete and steel structures and issue stability certification for building structures in compliance with necessary engineering and legal requirements. Our Engineers can perform structural analysis on structures in distress and perform preliminary and detailed investigations of a structure prior to rehabilitation. Building standards have an experienced team of professionals that can perform quality assurance work with required testing services after rehabilitation / retrofitting works have been performed.

Structural Audit and Evaluation Services

Structural audit and evaluation are required when the life of concrete and steel structures exceeds a certain time limit or when structures are exposed to physical damage that causes distress. It is also needed when prolonged exposure to deleterious and corrosive environment causes material deterioration resulting in a deficiency of the structure's ability to withstand existing loading. The need for structural evaluation also arises when the improved performance of the building structure is required to meet the desired functional change in the building structure. Building Standards has the expertise and technical strength to meet the client requirement for improved structural performance in an economical and efficient manner.

Quality Assurance and quality monitoring for Construction Projects

Building standards offer a full range of inspection and quality control services on the project site and can provide a full lab testing facility at the construction site. Our field engineers can maintain quality control during each phase of construction from excavation to final completion of services including MEP, Fire suppression & Fireproofing systems. Our quality assurance program includes full-time construction quality monitoring and construction supervision at all critical stages of construction work.

Construction Monitoring and Quality Control Services

Quality monitoring can be the most critical dimension in a construction project. To ensure that the design criteria are met, an unknown condition detected and potentially costly setbacks and dangers avoided, Building standards provide a system of controls testing, and inspection procedures essential to the lifelong stability and performance of any project.



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