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Plumbing & Sanitation Works mainly water supply & sewerage works in new construction is most critical as all pipes and fittings are fully or partially covered by the concrete or plaster works. In the bathroom, kitchen & utility areas these services are covered by expensive tiles and similar expensive materials


Once the water supply or sewerage pipe or sanitary fitting/fixture starts leaking in any plumbing fixtures start malfunctioning the entire area is affected with seepage resulting in peeling-off of paints and other architectural finishes. More severe cases of leakages can destroy flooring, wall finishes, outer profile, and can cause destruction of the RCC slab. Accumulation of water can have a disastrous effect on the health of building structures.

Repair works are very costly and also disrupt the normal functioning of activities in any residential, industrial & commercial building.

Proper water supply and sewerage system design (plumbing & sewerage design) is the most important part of the building and cannot be left with non-professional plumbers. Post instruction problems in properly designed and supervised/ tested plumbing works can be minimized in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings thereby saving valuable time and high repair costs.

Building standards Ltd offers design and supervision services for water supply, sewerage, and drainage work for any building construction projects all over Pakistan.

A cost-effective & reliable workable solution to post-construction leaking/seepage problems due to faulty plumbing & sanitary works as well as remodeling of building water supply & sewerage works is also provided by our experienced engineers and qualified professionals.

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